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I am a proud Northern Ireland spud on a mission
to challenge misconceptions of the potato.

In Northern Ireland we like to think of our potatoes as having character.
One that is built on pride, heritage and N’Iron charm. That’s why The Mighty Spud was created to be the voice,
the personality and the face of a campaign championed by a group of
potato growers and packers in Northern Ireland.
Learn more about this group of brave men and women.


The Mighty Spud is leading the charge for the Northern Ireland potato industry, reminding people just how versatile, economic and tasty the potato is! 

We’ve been faced with the sad reality that in recent years potato consumption is declining and these trends are having a major impact on livelihood of local growers and producers, posing a long-term threat to industry. The spud has been branded as humble, unexciting and inconvenient compared with the audacious pasta and rice alternatives. It’s hard to stomach, quite literally. All this negative press has really got under the skin (*pun) of the potato industry in Northern Ireland and it’s fighting back.

This campaign challenges misconceptions of the spud by shouting about the potato’s nutritional creds and showcasing delicious recipes using Northern Ireland’s finest crop. 


Bring The Mighty Spud to life!

Video Recipes

Potato Farl Recipe

Mussel & Potato Broth

Guanciale Sambo & Potatoes Roussel

The Mighty Spud!
Did you know a medium sized potato has less calories  than other carbohydrates?

The Mighty Spud is a healthy, low fat alternative
to pasta and rice… The facts don’t lie.

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