2017 Mighty Spud Awards
call for entries will open January 2017.

The aim of the awards is to celebrate the mighty nature of the ‘spud’ and recognise potato ‘champions’ in Northern Ireland. The awards will call on food outlets (restaurants, cafes, pubs, takeaways) to enter a dish or the public to nominate them on their behalf into one of FOUR categories.
To enter a dish will only take a couple of minutes. All you need to do is fill out a short form
A judging panel has been selected to shortlist entries for tasting and they will shortlist, sample and choose the final winners.
Panel: Paula McIntyre (Chef), Angus Wilson (Wilson’s Country Potatoes), Michael McKillop (Glens of Antrim Potatoes) and Michele Shirlow (Food NI).
1. Nominees must be food outlets (restaurants, cafes, pubs, takeaways) or in the case of the potato innovation category can be a business from any sector. Entries can be from the establishment or made by the general public on their behalf (i.e. customers)
2. All entries will be expected to source their potatoes locally when in season.
3. An independent panel (above) has agreed the criteria for entry. Nominees must fall into the defined four categories of:
Mightiest Chip: This award category celebrates the tastiest chip in town. Whether it’s straight, chunky, crinkly or wedges. Or cooked twice or even three times! Maybe even season it with herbs and spices or sprinkle with cheese…
Mightiest Mash: Mash or champ – whatever your naming preference, this dish is close to our hearts. This category will prove to be very competitive and possibly emotional…
Mightiest Potato Innovation: This category celebrates innovative creations using the potato – no rules and no boundaries…
Mightiest Healthy Potato Creation: Bake, boiled but never fried! Entries will need to demonstrate a healthier option without compromising on taste…
4. Businesses or the public can nominate by visiting http://www.mightyspud.com/awards and filling in the relevant short form for the following categories: the a) Mightiest Chip, Mash, Potato Innovation and Healthy Potato Creation.
5. For social media please use dedicated hashtag #MightySpudAwards and get involved in the conversation.
6. Voting will close on February 15th and an expert panel will shortlist outlets and dishes for tasting. Once tasting has been completed the winners will be selected.
7. An announcement will be made on http://www.mightyspud.com, our social media channels and released to the general press.

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